Father-of-two arrested for luring women through Facebook, to drug, rob and rape them

Oluwole Falushe, was arrested by operatives of the FESTAC Police Division on Monday while attempting to rob, rape another victim. Falushe, who opened a Facebook account, using a fake name, Nifemi Ajanaku, allegedly lures his victims to hotels in Lagos only to drug, rape and steal their valuables. .

He was exposed by a victim, who met him through her cousin. The victim’s cousin, Mercy Nwang, 21, said: “I have known him for over a year on Facebook but I have never honoured his invitation. He claimed to be a bank manager at Festac. .
That day he said it was his birthday and since I was not around, I told him my cousin will attend. But I was surprised after my cousin came back and narrated that she was drugged and raped by him and that he stole her phones and ATM card.
I then searched on Facebook but discovered that he had blocked me. My cousin signed in with her account and we saw that we have mutual friends, one of them is my good friend, Vivian, who agreed to help us after I told her what happened.
She started chatting with him and he planned to do the same thing to her. He invited her to Oprah Hotel in FESTAC, but she now alerted the police and he was arrested.”
The victim, who said she woke up to discover that she has been raped, stated that she became unconscious after he offered her a non-alcoholic beverage, adding that he took everything and withdrew the N172, 000 she had in her account.
Revealing how he got her pin, Falushe, said: “I asked her to give me her pin that I was a banker and wanted to transfer money to her, which she did. I was desperately in need of money to send to my wife in Ilesha, Osun State, for the treatment of my daughter, who is sick.” Cc: The Nation

Baby factory uncovered in Abia State, five pregnant women rescued

The factory was uncovered at the Ogbor-Hill, Aba, Abia State and a 54-year-old man, Nkem Nwokocha and his wife, who were said to be the owners of the baby factory, were arrested.
The pregnant women rescued includes Chidinma Ifeanyi Chukwu, 29, Kelechi Sampson, 20, Happiness Godwin, Okoronkwo Mercy and Oluebube Onyabu.
The state Commissioner of Police, Adeleye Oyebade, said the police acted on a report that the suspects were running a child trafficking home and frowned at the rate at which people indulge in the illegal sale of children in the state, adding that it was an act of wickedness against children. Cc: Punchng 

Hungry and traumatised, IDPs go on rampage in Maiduguri, block highway – PremiumTimes 

According to PT, hundreds of Internally Displaced Persons have left their camps and have taken to the streets to protest against hunger and thirst in their respective camps. They barricaded the city’s main entry point, causing a gridlock along the Kano Maiduguri highway. Security operatives seemed helpless as the IDPs refused to leave the highway.
One of them was quoted as saying: “We are not fighting but fighting for our survival. The foods are not being supplied, there is no water. No medication for our sick kids; we want food or they should send back to our villages. They don’t allow us to go out to beg. We are kept like prisoner without food.”

Surveyors on official assignment, drown in Ekiti State

According to Remind Koleoso: “This is the incident that happened at Egbe Ekiti Dam in Gbonyin LGA of Ekiti, where four of the seven Surveyors that came from DEVELOPMENT DAMS & IRRIGATION SCHEMES, KADUNA STATE drowned at about 5:30pm yesterday. Their bodies were recovered by local fishermen and fire brigade, with the help of the police force. The survivors were putting on life jackets.”

A suspected rapist and student of UNIZIK, jumps down storey building as victim screams

A final year student of Parasitology and Entomology at the Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Anambra State, was caught in the female hostel block A, around 3:45am, today, after allegedly trying to rape a student.

The girl was said to have raised an alarm and held on to him. In attempt to escape, he jumped up from the second floor of the hostel and fell into a gutter, sustaining some injuries. He has since been arrested.

Complaint about the incessant salary cuts going on in Zenith Bank – Frustrated Nigerian

The complainant wrote: “The attached notification was sent and taken down after 30 minutes but not before a screenshot was taken. Why take it down if not for some serious shady stuff going on. Zenith bank staff are under serious pressure and cannot protest due to lack of unionism. 
They are being robbed blind by this new presumed tax invention. Imagine how unbearable the economic crunch has made life for Nigerians. It’s not enough that employees are sacked on a weekly basis, now this?
At first they thought they’ll be taxed less than 3% but imagine their surprise after being paid yesterday. 16% or more was deducted from various accounts as a form of PAYE. What are they actually paying for? Their salaries have been reduced to less than nothing.
Are they now slaves? Can’t they reap the benefits of their hard work? How do they survive from the meager amount they’re paid as salaries? Shouldn’t reverse be the case, since prices of everything are going up? How are they expected to survive this harsh economy?
Please help them and other private companies pass this message to the relevant authorities. Something needs to be done. This treatment is utterly unfair and ridiculous. Nigerian workers are suffering. Especially those working in the private sector but can’t report to anyone at the risk of getting sacked.” 

One dead as container falls along Ikorodu road

The container fell in the early hours of today, along Ikorodu road, inward Onipan, Shomolu LGA of Lagos. The trailer driver lost control and tumbled, blocking the entire expressway, while a Toyota Camry rammed into it from behind, killing the driver. His trapped dead body was later extricated by the LASEMA Response Team.

Man kills mother, brother’s wife in Kwara State

Yesterday, the Kwara State Police Command paraded a 25-year-old man of the Mamba Fulani camp in Patigi LGA of the state, Abdullahi Adamu, for allegedly killing his mother, Khadijat Usman, 65, and elder brother’s wife, Ramatu Shagari, 35.
Usman said he could not explain what pushed him to the crime. His words: “I am into cattle rearing. On that day when I woke up, I took N1,000 from my room and took my cows out for grazing. Suddenly, I discovered that the cattle were running away and I followed them. 
On getting back home, something came over me and I used a knife to stab my mother. I also stabbed my brother’s wife. I believe that my father charmed me. I do not have mental disorder.” Cc: Punchng 

Mom and daughter found wandering in Ogun State, from Enugu, reunite with family

Mrs. Chioma Ibeh and her 6-year-old daughter, Rita, who gained social media attention, after being found wandering, last week, have been reunited with their family, who came looking for them from Enugu State.

This followed a report about their plight and subsequent rescue by Ogun monarch, by the Oluwo of Owode Egba, Oba Kolawole Sowemimo. The duo, believed to hail from Oji River in Enugu State, were in the custody of the Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development for two days.  
The ministry handed them over to their older brother and uncle, Cletus Ibeh, who was sent by the family from Enugu to take them home. According to Ibeh: “I came to Abeokuta when somebody told us that they saw her and daughter in the news. We have been looking for them for the past three days. We are grateful to everybody, especially the media for the publicity. Only God will reward you (media).”

I joined cult to avenge my friend’s murder and I have no regrets – Suspect


Those were the words of 29-year-old Ibrahim Balogun, aka Small Jpron, who was, yesterday, paraded by the Lagos State Police Command. He had been declared wanted for five murder cases in the Somolu and Bariga areas in 2016.
Speaking while being paraded, he said: “I am a Bird. I belong to Eiye confraternity and we are always fighting with Aiye (Black Axe) over who controls the area. We also fight when they snatch our member’s girlfriend. 
I joined Eiye because Aiye people killed my best friend, Sunday Folorunsho, aka Small Biscuits, in 2009. His death pained me so much and Eiye people came to me that they will help me get revenge if I join them. I agreed and that same 2009, we killed Femi Wiper. 
Lekan Akon was killed in 2010. Since then I have not killed anyone again but my members have been killing people. I joined in killing the two victims I mentioned because they killed my friend.
I know that it is the sins of the past that have caught up with me. I do not regret my actions. I take responsibility for it but I want to advise young people that cultism does not pay.
They should never repay evil with evil. Our government too is not helping the youth. So many young people who do not intend to take to crime are doing so because no assistance is coming from the government.”
Commissioner of Police, Fatai Owoseni, said Small Jpron was a known criminal in the Somolu area and was the one who led a cult gang war in January, where his gang set ablaze a house in which an elderly woman was burnt to death.

Homophobic man who scalded sleeping gay couple with hot water, is jailed for 40 years

Martin Blackwell, 48, carried out the sickening attack on Marquez Tolbert and Anthony Gooden because he did not approve of their relationship. Yesterday, a jury in Atlanta, US, found him guilty on 10 counts.
Blackwell, who was Mr Gooden’s mum’s boyfriend, showed no emotion as he was jailed for 40 years. Tolbert and Gooden were at home together on February 12, 2016, when Blackwell broke in to their house and poured hot water all over their bodies.
Marquez, 21, suffered severe burns to his face, neck, arms and back that required skin graft surgery. His boyfriend’s burns were so extreme across his entire face and 60% of his body that he was put in an induced coma and has just been released from hospital.

Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, splits, new group set to burn the Biafran flag – Vanguardngr 

A faction of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, identified as The Re-branded Indigenous People of Biafra, TRIOPOB, has broken out of the main group over alleged inflexible and defeatist position of IPOB led by Nnamdi Kanu, Vanguardngr reports.
Spokesperson of TRIOPOB, Chima Phillip Effiong Osuji, said the decision to break away was taken at an emergency meeting convened by some disaffected members of IPOB on Monday, August 22, 2016, in Aba, Abia state,.
He said: “It was resolved that due to the rigid and fatalistic position of the Kanu-led IPOB, several of us with like minds shall breakaway and form TRIPOB. TRIPOB now sees the Biafra question from a different perspective. 
Biafra will now become to us a powerful metaphor for change, development and greatness of the Igbos inside a united Nigeria, where the South East axis will be a utopia from the sheer determination borne out of the Biafra metaphor.
We believe in being a part of a united Nigeria, and a new way of thinking, where the victim mentality will no longer be acceptable. We have accepted the fact that the Biafra Republic is not a reality but an anachronism, and doubt that the South-South region will become a part of a Biafra Republic, except by force; after a declaration of another civil war.
That the lessons and history of the civil war will only reinforce the belief in ourselves to reach the zenith in this great country, Nigeria, where opportunities abound for every one regardless of tribe or religion, and even where such narrow sentiments exist, we will not see ourselves as victims, Never.
In view of this new mind-set, members of the TRIPOB and any new defectors will on October 1, 2016, make a public denunciation of a secessionist Biafra Republic at the Eagle Square, Abuja.
The event will also include recitation of the pledge to Nigeria, our country, singing of the national anthem, followed by a solemn burning of the Biafra flag and unveiling a new Biafra flag representing pride, change, potential and spirit of the Igbo race which can thrive anywhere in the world.”

AIT staff writes about how a pastor sexually assaulted her in 2013

She wrote: “In 2013 my mum told me i needed deliverance because i refused to act like a “christian” she took me to a pastor of Omega Fire Ministries (OFM) he said i will do a retreat with him for one month so i went back home to pack my stuff.

This man would always enter my room without knocking. His hands would linger around my breasts when he hugs me…i was uncomfortable but i tried to bring my “mind out of the gutter”.

We used to have night prayers and he would prolong the prayers till his heavily pregnant wife got tired and he’l encourage her to go to bed and rest…once she leaves he starts to tell me how much he loves me and how i dont need deliverance because there is nothing wrong with me,and how i am a nice girl who her parents misunderstood. 

I was not all that suprised and i tried to take advantage of the situation. I would miss prayers or evening service because i knew he wont do anything about it.

But then his wife started to notice that i had too much freedom.and what suprised me was that he did not seem to care…he would try to kiss me when his wife was just one room away…he would wink at me when her back was turned…he would hold my hand at the back seat of the car when we are returning from night vigil. He was like a love struck teenager.

I began to avoid him and it made him more desperate…one time he asked if i was avoiding him and I made him know i did not like what he was doing and he told me if i want his P.A could arrange for us to have a quiet time somewhere…

I had to tell the Assistant pastor all that was going on. I still recall the tears and the look of unbelief on his face that night. 

The assistant did nothing about it…but adviced me to pack my stuff and leave before things get out of hand. But i couldnt leave because the “retreat” was not over.

One night at the night vigil at OFM headquaters in Auchi i went to confide in a friend…and my father’s driver overhead everything and he told my dad once we returned to Abuja.

The sad part about it all was that my parents called the pastor and his wife to ask them…instead of me. And they heaped it all on me. They said i have been misbehaving because i am tired of the “retreat” and i sleep during prayers,i dont go to the evening services and i have come up with accusations because i want to go.

The good thing was that i moved back home.

Till today i wonder what sort of brains the pastor’s wife had in her head.”